Wednesday, 19 December 2012

United airlines

United airlines, a subsidiary of UAL Corporation are one of the major airlines in the United States. It has its headquarters at Chicago. United Airlines has six main hubs. They are:
·         1.Narita International Airport in Tokyo
·         2. San Francisco International Airport
·         3.Los Angeles International Airport
·         4.O’Hare International Airport at Chicago
·         5. Washington Dulles International Airport
·         6. Denver International Airport

UnitedAirlines has more than 350 aircrafts travelling all over the world. United Airlines is better than other airlines in many ways. They fly to all the major six continents around the globe. They provide transatlantic, transcontinental and transpacific flights. They are committed towards the comfort of its passengers. Special provisions are made for people who are sick or people who have special requirements. Proper medical certificate has to be provided in case of women who are in their ninth month of pregnancy stating that they are fit to travel. Special care is taken for lung and heart patients. Personalized services can be availed easily. United Airlines were the first among the US airlines to sign UN’s Global Compact. They have an on-board recycling program by which they recycle cans and plastic bottles.

Apart from food and beverages, United Airlines also provides many in-flight services while travelling. Non-alcoholic beverages are free for all passengers while alcoholic beverages have to be purchased. Entertainment facilities are also great. One of the most interesting form of entertainment being the in-flight magazines. Wide ranges of radio and television channels are also provided to choose from. They have spacious interiors.

An easy way to book tickets for united airlines is through their own online portal. The portal will provide you with all the flight details like the check-in time, any changes in flight timings, limit of weight of luggage and also the various rules and regulations.

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